Advanced Handbuilding Cups & Pouring Vessels in Ceramic Clay - Session 1

Summer 2018 / Ceramic Arts

Vessels used for pouring run the gamut from cream pitchers and gravy boats to ewers, chocolate pots and watering cans. In this earthenware handbuilding class, we'll cover the basic functionality of anything that pours and the roles of the handle and pour spout. We'll also address the making of the simple cup from the shape and appearance of the body to the comfortable grasp of handles-- or lack thereof. This class is for advanced students only. 

Summer 2018 is made up of two 4-week sessions. Please check dates when registering.

Course Details

Age Group: Adult

June 19-July 10

Tuesdays, 10am-1pm

Tuition: $132.50 (Members: $125)

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Course Instructor

Barbara Hanselman

Barbara is a self proclaimed Claysmith, a maker and mentor of all things clay.  Her pots, constructed from slabs or using a pinch-strip method she developed, bear the look of fabric, metal, leather or whimsical china.