Altering Pottery Shapes, Slab Sculpting & Textures

Spring I 2018 / Ceramic Arts

During this class, the instructor will demonstrate how to create sculpted pieces by using and assembling pottery, altering shape and incorporating slabs to create one-of-a-kind sculptures in low-fire and high-fire clay. Concepts of texture, surface treatment, application of volume, planes, shape perspective, and understanding of different systems of proportions for sculping in clay will all be covered in this class. Different finishing and glazing techniques will be presented including: oxides, stains, textures with glazes and brushwork glaze application.

Course Details

Age Group: Adult

February 16-April 6

Fridays, 2-5pm

Tuition: $285 (Members: $270) *Materials fee included*

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Course Instructor

Alfredo Ratinoff

Alfredo Ratinoff is an Argentinean-American ceramic artist. He studied at the National School of Ceramics in Buenos Aires, and continued his art education in Madrid, Barcelona and different cities in Italy. Alfredo is a faculty member at the Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian Institution, and the art curator for the Embassy of Argentina in Washington DC.