Experimental Mixed Media on Paper

Instructors: Nicole Patrice Dul and Reena Brooks

Tuesdays, Sept. 19, Sept. 26, and Oct. 3, 6:30-9pm

Tuition: $150 (Members $135)

$25 supply fee paid to instructors

Spark your creativity and explore the wonders of mixed media art. In this 3 part series, Reena Brooks and Nicole Patrice Dul share their own unique styles and techniques for using mixed media. The class will investigate unconventional materials and how to use them to create amazing surface treatments. Guided instruction shows students how to conceal and reveal elements through effective layer building. Altering, transferring, and incorporating photographs and ephemera into works on paper will also be tackled. Students will know how to use new materials, feel confident in their layering techniques, and know how to build visual interest and depth in their work.

Instructor: Nicole Patrice Dul and Reena Brooks

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