Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry- Day (Winter 2017-2018)

Instructor: Marthe Roberts-Shea

Thursdays, 10am-1pm

Tuition: $265 (Members: $250)

November 30-January 25

No class on Thursday, December 28th.

Students with basic skills will be able to further their work by exploring a wide range of jewelry making processes. In-class demonstrations and class projects are tailored to the needs of the class. 


Instructor: Marthe Roberts-Shea

Marthe Roberts-Shea graduated from Moore College of Art, in Philadelphia, with a double Major in Advertising and Illustration. She has been Managing Art Director for Dupont de Namours Pharmaceuticals - Delaware, and CIGNA Corporation - Philadelphia. She has successfully run her own business, Taxi Graphics, Incorporated, since 1990. Skilled in electronic illustration and Graphic Design, she has created numerous award-winning pieces. She illustrates regularly for several Magazines. Her ability to communicate and grasp sometimes obscure ideas and concepts, and translate them into "client-pleasing" pieces is her primary strength. Marthe is a member of the Art Directors' Club of Philadelphia. Marthe was recently elected the President of the American Society of Goldsmiths.

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