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Colleen Hammond


Jennifer Hermann


Patti Nelson

The Cheltenham Centerfor the Arts' inaugural “Artists in Residence” exhibit will be open tonight and tomorrow ... and then it goes away.

The show will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today.

It features work by:

JenniferHermann, metals

ColleenHammond, oil paintings

PattiNelson, ceramics


From JenniferHermann and her “Preliminary Conclusions” installation:

This work is honest and straightforward, an unfocused exploration and the only thing I strove to do was to enjoy making. 
Sitting alone with objects in silence is very important.

Some things you cannot control. Don’t give them a second thought. Fear is something you can control.

I collect. My collections are little gatherings of memories and fragments of emotions. They exist together in boxes and sometimes, arranged on tables, they wait. When they become something, they cease to exist together. It is important to show them to you in their fresh state.

From ColleenHammond and her “The Portrait Project, One Hundred Oil Paintings, 2011-2012” installation:

“These portraits are of a variety of people. Some are friends and family, others are strangers. There are portraits of children who are now adults; adults that are no longer with us, and people that I’ve never met. But I find all of their appearances compelling. The range of emotion contained within a human face is limitless and the beauty of each individual is undeniable.” 

From PattiNelson and her “Diffusion” installation:

“In Diffusion, delicate, fractured waifs of ceramic will be fused to wire and tipped in copper an gold luster, and will be suspended in the environment.  Shadowy images of children in toxic play will be projected onto the ceramic and filtered onto the wall behind them.  Viewers are invited to walk into the environment, becoming part of the piece as the projection covers their bodies and their shadows join the projection on the wall, at once with and apart from the children so desperately sorting through our old electronics.”