Schedule - Elkins Central

Upcoming Concerts:

Thursday, August 24th: Homestead Collective- 7:30pm.

Tickets sold at the door- $10

Check out their music here.

Friday, September 15th: Art & Millard- 7:30pm

Tickets sold at the door- $10

Saturday, October 7th: Rare Spirits- 7:30pm.

Tickets sold at the door- $10

Preview their music here.

Sunday, October 15th: Wanamaker Lewis- 4:00pm.

Tickets sold at the door- $10

Learn more about him here.


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Upcoming Classes:

Sundays: Vinyasa Yoga with Corinne- 8-9:15am or 9:30-10:45am-

Mondays: Boot Camp with Rachel- 6-7pm-

Tuesdays: Yoga with Esther- 8:15-9:30am-

Saturdays: Pilates with Audrey- 8-9:15am-

Boot Camp with Rachel- 9:30-10:30am- Rach604@gmail

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