Independent Study in Painting and Drawing - Online!

2022 Summer Adult Classes / Painting and Drawing

This class is an in-depth workshop on the formal aspects of painting. All painting, from realistic to abstract, depends upon the foundations of composition, color, value. We will focus on these things — and other aspects of painting — in an intensive way via a weekly project developed by the instructor. Each week you will receive an essay with images on a particular aspect of painting. The images will be from art history, from the instructor’s demos in stages, or from contemporary paintings. This class developed as a creative way to teach art from afar and has blossomed into its own viable art forum. We communicate via text and email, with the instructor giving individual guidance, support, and feedback. You are welcome to pursue your own project rather than the assigned project, while benefitting from the essay lessons. 

*Please note - This class is 4 weeks*


Course Details

Age Group: Adult

June 23 - July 14

Thursdays, 10am-3pm

Tuition: $140 (Members: $130)

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Course Instructor

Lynne Campbell

Lynne Campbell is a Philadelphia painter. She studied at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she won the prestigious Cresson travel scholarship, enabling her to spend a summer of study in Europe. Lynne later spent a summer of study in Greece, thanks to a painting fellowship from The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.