New Affiliation with MamaCITA


Cheltenham Center for the Arts is pleased to announce a new affiliation with Philadelphia area artists collective, MamaCITA. With this new affiliation, official on January 1, 2014, the Center welcomes MamaCITA as new members and will provide a home base for these talented artists. Together we are looking forward to expanding opportunities for appreciation, awareness, participation in and love of the arts in the Philadelphia area.


MamaCITA is an award-winning Cooperative in the Arts that provides its members a collective voice within the art world. All members are professional artists and all are mothers. MamaCITA’s mission is to support each member to reach her full artistic potential. Together members plan and execute art exhibitions, teach workshops, display gallery work in varied venues, and support social change and philanthropic causes.


The diversity of the artistic approaches and professional backgrounds is one of the groups’ greatest strengths. MamaCITA members are accomplished artists who are also authors, educators, business owners, art editors, international workshop leaders, designers, curriculum developers, jewelers, painters, photographers, muralists, and bloggers.


Along with MamaCITA, the Cheltenham Center for the Arts is affiliated with three other groups, the Cheltenham Clay Guild and Cheltenham Printmakers Guild and Artists Cultural Exchange group (ACX). Each group may have a unique agenda, but shares the larger belief that we are stronger together than apart. Where our interests overlap, our mutual support enriches our community and supports the arts inPhiladelphia.CheltenhamCenter for the Arts continues its expansion of community and support of artists who live in the surroundingPhiladelphia vicinity.