Affiliate Groups and Members

For Professional Clay Artists

The Cheltenham Center for the Arts has one of the most thoroughly equipped pottery studios in the area offering electric and gas kilns, as well as electric wheels in studio settings suited to both throwing and handbuilding. Shelf space, lockers and a selection of cone 05-cone 10 glazes are available to Studio Guild Members. Access to raku and pit firing kilns, and a wood fire kiln is possible.  Admission is by application with resume and slides of artwork.  For additional information about the Cheltenham Clay Guild and membership information, please visit the website at

Associate Clay Guild Membership ($100 - no studio privileges)


  • CCA Individual Membership and inclusion in CCA Annual Members' Exhibition
  • A one month showing of your work in the CCA Display Case
  • Monthly guild functions which include Information Meetings, In-Center Workshops, Field Trips and Guest Clay Artist Workshops
  • An opportunity to exhibit as a Guild Member in area galleries and craft shows as periodically arranged by the Clay Guild

Studio Clay Guild Membership ($750)

Includes All of the above Associate Member privileges as well as:

  • Use of the CCA clay studios outside of scheduled class times (This changes from term to term-please see most recent postings in studios)
  • Access to an electric kiln for all firings up to cone 6
  • Cone 10 gas kiln firings
  • Locker and shelf space designated for Guild Members only
  • Access to CCA Studio cone 05-cone 10 glazes
  • Technical advice from CCA technicians and resident artists
  • Access to raku & pit firing kiln 


For Professional Printmakers

Our studio provides a large, air-conditioned workplace, with a high quality, 36" x 60" Charles Brand press, for the student and professional printmaker. Admission is by application with resume and slides of artwork.  For membership information please visit the Cheltenham Printmakers Guild website.

Affiliate Membership (no studio privileges)- For Guild Members who are not active members, but wish to maintain an affiliation with the Guild. Dues are $60, plus an annual donation of $40 payable to the Guild.


  • Copies of minutes and updates from Guild Meetings
  • Inclusion on Guild website and Brochure

Active Professional Membership (no studio privileges)- Dues are $60, plus an anual donation of $40 payable to the Guild


  • CCA Individual Membership benefits
  • Participation in all Guild Exhibitions
  • Invitation to programs, seminars and demonstrations
  • Representation in Guild Brochure, and other Guild publicity
  • Inclusion on the Guild website

Studio Membership ($250): Printmakers Guild dues are $250, plus an annual donation of $40, payable to the Guild.


  • All of the Active Professional Membership benefits
  • Use of print studio and press outside regularly scheduled class times
  • Use of a locker in print studio


A Mother's Cooperative in the Arts

MamaCITA is an award-winning Cooperative in the Arts that provides its members a collective voice within the art world. All members are professional artists as well as mothers. MamaCITA’s mission is to support each member in reaching her full artistic potential. MamaCITA maintains a membership of about 20 artists. Most MamaCITA members are invitational. Occasionally the members entertain requests to join. For more information on membership with MamaCITA, visit their website at


Artists Cultural Exchange (ACX) is a non-profit organization, committed to providing artists with an opportunity to network and dedicated to improving the visibility and status of art in the community. Each year ACX offers a variety of programs open to the public and several exhibitions for members.  ACX programs held at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts are free and open to the public. For membership information, please email Maxine Schwartz.