Print Explorations All-Day Workshop

February 24, 2024

Cheltenham Center for the Arts
439 Ashbourne Road
Cheltenham, PA 19012

Our 4th biennial celebration...

The Celebration continues on Saturday, February 24th from 9am-3pm with an all-day workshop of non-stop artmaking including demonstrations by guest artists Megan Raab Greenholt and and José Ortiz-Pagán. Details to follow. Lunch is Included.

All Day Workshop Fee (includes lunch) $45


OFFICE HOURS 10 AM- 5 PM M-F  215-379-4660


Relief Printmaking Workshop: Climate Tarot and the Green Path: Archetypes and Climate Action Strategies, José Ortiz-Pagán

As part of José Ortiz-Pagán's artistic practice, he integrates various elements of ritual, ceremony, and magical practices within the context of Social Justice. This immersive approach allows both the artist and participants to engage in a shared ritualistic experience, guided by the educational aspects in relief printing techniques. In this upcoming workshop, Ortiz-Pagán will encourage students to craft their own tarot deck cards, drawing inspiration from the foundational tarot archetypes, but this time within the context of climate change and the environment.

This workshop presents a unique opportunity to refine your linoleum skills while actively contributing to a collective undertaking aimed at fortifying our collective hope for a better climate. Participants will engage in collaborative efforts, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation.

The workshop will provide a pre-cut and pre-designed tarot frame, serving as a foundation upon which each artist and student can layer their unique drawings, cut designs, and additional creative elements. This collaborative exercise not only enhances individual artistic skills but also contributes to a shared expression of environmental concern and optimism for a sustainable future.

Natural and Fiber Reactive Dye Printing Demo and WorkshopPresented by 2023-24 Resident Artist Megan Raab Greenholt

Join Megan Raab Greenholt, current Artist-in-Residence, for a discussion and demonstration to learn the basics of natural dyeing and some methods she is using to create her printed textile work during her residency at CCA. Together, you will then explore monotype screen printing using MX Fiber Reactive dye pastes on fabric highlighting “breakdown printing”, a deconstructive printing approach unique to dye pastes. This process begins by creating impressions on a silk screen using textured items. These impressions are dried and released with a wetting agent onto a fabric substrate. Textured layers are repeatedly added to the fabric to build a rich surface design that ultimately becomes a unique textile piece that you will take home with you.

*The ticket price covers all materials for the day