Resident Artists’ Exhibit - Facebook Live

May 17, 2020

CCA's Resident Artists will receive this special opportunity to exhibit their work. Join Rebecca Schultz and Arthur Haywood for a Facebook Live showing of their year's work. May 17th at 2pm. 

Rebecca Schultz

I am showing two series of paintings in this exhibition, both based on rock formations and structures. I have been making work inspired by rocks for three years, beginning with an artist residency in Iceland and continuing with pieces inspired by locations as close as the Wissahickon Schist near my home in the Philadelphia area, to New England, Wyoming, Ireland, and France. I was first drawn to rocks for aesthetic reasons, but as this work developed, I became increasingly interested in geology, both the composition and formation of rocks and geologic time. My self-study of geology has influenced both the imagery and the intention behind my work.

The Wissahickon Schist Geology series layers imagery of the of the Wissahickon Schist formation, found in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, and geologic maps of the region. The Wissahickon Schist was first extensively studied by the first professional female geologist, Florence Bascom, and is a layered metamorphic rock that has been exposed in the Wissahickon Valley by erosion from the Schuylkill River. In my study of geology, I became fascinated with geologic maps, which represent the distribution of different types of rock in a region. I am fascinated with these maps--the shapes and diagonals in Southeast Pennsylvania geology complement the forms of the rocks themselves. I wanted to layer imagery of the rock formations with their human-made interpretations.

The Stone Structure series is inspired by the millennia-old relationship between humans and rocks. In February 2019, I went to Ireland for an artist residency, and was fascinated to observe this history all around me, from stone circles, which date from 2000 BC, to beehive huts constructed in the 8th-12th centuries, to churches, houses, walls, and other structures built since then. In many cases, plant life has begun to grow between the stones, bringing them back to the natural world from which they came. The paintings in this series capture structures in County Cork, Ireland and the Occitanie region of southwestern France, which I visited in July 2019.




Arthur Haywood

Arthur Haywood has created murals with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and the Harrisburg Mural Festival. His new series of mural paintings share his love of science fiction and fantasy stories. From Tolkien’s giant eagles to astronauts blasting into space. These murals showing stories coming to life are designed to excite young people about reading. He is focused on creating murals for libraries and schools.

These works are also a response to the illiteracy rate in America. The ability to read creates opportunities for people. And continuing to read expands one’s knowledge.

These paintings will be proposed for display in libraries to encourage young people to read.



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