Surface Decoration and More

2024 Summer Adult Classes / Ceramic Arts

This class will focus on decorating the form with underglazes, glazes, mason stains, and carving techniques. Instructor will work alongside you, giving tutorials and showing her own unique processes like, watercolor underglazing, sgraffito, and carving. 

*Clay may be purchased online with class registration or during office/class hours: $30 per bag with exact cash or check only. Clay will not be provided without payment.*

Course Details

Age Group: Adult

June 26 - Aug 14

Wednesdays, 12-4pm

Tuition: $350 (Members: $335)

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Course Instructor

Angela Humes

Angela Humes graduated from Pratt Institute in 2012. Humes is a respected artist in her field and is known for her intricately designed black and white porcelain vessels. Her work has been recognized by and shown at; The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Nickelodeon, American Craft Council, and The Visual Art Center of Richmond Virginia.