Elkins Central - History

In 2011, the Elkins Park neighbors banded together to begin a renovation of the historic Elkins Park Train Station Station, to repurpose it into a community arts space. The renovation was completed in 2013 thanks to the combined efforts of property owner, SEPTA, and a team of wonderful volunteers that included: Cheltenham Township businesswoman, Cynthia Blackwood (owner of The Frame House), Adam Silverman, and the Cheltenham Township Community Development Corporation. By 2015, the venue became available for rental for community events, and in 2016, Cheltenham Center for the Arts officially adopted Elkins Central as its newest venue.


A Labor of Love:

Below are photos of the transition from abandoned train station depot to finished restoration, and the hard work that it required!

taking down cubical walls
taking down piece by piece
filling the dumpster!
beautiful new paint on the walls
brightened brick